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This Weekend’s All About YOU!

I need your Blog.

Or someone else’s. I’m not picky.

Hubby (aka “Mr. Incredible”) has once again promised me a couple solid days of reading and writing. (I think he saw my eye start to tic.) So, I’m off to my happy place and I’m looking for great blog recommendations.

It could be anything (seriously, I’ll read ANYthing…well, except vampire sex scenes or 50 Shades fan fiction…heave…), but especially if you’ve come across a really funny (or hey, not funny) adoption or special needs post in your recent jaunts through blogland, I’d love to check it out.

Please also feel free to promote your blog here. Tell us why you’re AWESOME. Blogging is all about connecting, right? Maybe someone will think, “wow, my new BBF*!” as they read your comment.

*Blog Buddy Forever

Your turn. Annnnnnnnnd…GO.

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