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There once was a girl from Nantucket

Who spent half her life in a bucket

When people jeered “why?”

She winked her brown eye

And said,

I just realized that almost any other rhyming word I use here will be impolite.



10 Reasons to Write


I’m a little behind on the assignments for Writing 101. I’ll explain why in a later post. For now, I’m just trying to catch up. Here’s my answer, in tribute to my hero—the man who first made me fall in love with rhythm and rhyme. Bonus points if you guess who.

Why I Write

I write because I love it.

I write to keep me sane.

I write when I feel happy

or sad or just mundane.

I write because Hubby says,

“if you neglect to do

writing every single day

your attitude is poo!”

I write because I love it.

I write because it’s free.

Writing’s a true essential;

costs less than therapy.

I write because I love it.

I write because it’s play.

Sometimes I write just to learn

what my thoughts have to say.

Ask me if I’ll ever stop—

the answer is, I won’t.

And I write because my head

will explode if I don’t.


I write because I love it.

Why do you write?

Photo credit: Casey Alexander

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