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Adoption does NOT = puppies

My apologies to all pet lovers. SPCA, don’t hate me. I get it. We have two dogs, six or seven cats (several take extended hiatuses, so I never really know) and two hamsters. We paid for one dog and two hamsters…all the rest of the animals were…acquired, dropped off, and found.


Do you know how many pictures of puppies came up when I searched blogs with  “Adopt” just now? A LOT. I stopped counting after a while.

How many pictures of children? Two. And they were both stock photos.

Posts about adopting children? Seven. And three of them were mine.

I’m a bit bothered by all this. Perhaps it was just a fluke. Maybe I need to add more words to my search, refine a bit. It’s possible that I just didn’t search properly. Even so, it strikes me as deplorable that there is such disparity in the number of blogs about adopting animals vs. adopting children.

Are we really that much more passionate about pets? Seriously?

I mean…true, kids are a lot more work. They tend to be more belligerent and controlling than most kittens. They can occasionally be somewhat more disrespectful and angry than puppies. But still.

Where are the hearts that beat for the orphaned children? Who will speak on behalf of the child who has no advocate? Why are so many speaking on behalf of our furry friends but neglecting the young of our own species?

I will speak. I will help. I will be a voice. I will.

How are you making a difference?  (Please tell me…I’ll feel better about the human race.)

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