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The Dog Ate My… Part 2

So, the dog demolished my laptop power cord.

My to-do list:

  1. Get new power cord
  2. Find temporary power for my odd-shaped charge port

I took my computer to the electronics store and perused a wall of universal power cords.

Found one. Hyperventilated at the price.

Then I sauntered over to the computer section and unplugged one of the display computers. Bingo.

My laptop plugged, I browsed new computers and tried to look nonchalant.

By the way, I think I might have a stalker.

A girl in a blue shirt kept walking past, staring at me.

Should I inform her manager?


Day 12, play with word count.

100 words, baby, on the nose. Boom.


The Dog Ate My Homework


Soooooo. I planned to take tomorrow to catch up on Writing 101 assignments.

For the last few days I’ve been working on all the projects I needed to finish (refinishing a coffee table, cooking ahead for a crazy week, cleaning up the disaster zone we call the master bedroom…).

I was REALLY excited about tomorrow.

In other news, we have a German Shepherd puppy.

He’s 4 months old and has been an absolute joy. He is easy to train and doesn’t chew things up.

Until today.

My laptop was on the floor, so I put it on  the bed. He doesn’t climb up there.

Until today.

You know that feeling you get when the kids are playing in complete silence and you know you should check to be sure they’re not lighting matches? I had it, but ignored.

Too late, I found the pup with my computer cord. Fortunate animal that he is, it wasn’t plugged in.

Unfortunate girl that I am, I did not charge my computer today, so tomorrow I will have to write really, really fast.

Should be fun.


Sent my laptop for repairs.

Parts on backorder.

Laptop finally returned, but isn’t fixed. Back it goes.

Thank God for extended warranties.

Trying to post via phone just doesn’t work for me…

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