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Git Along, Little Dogies

So, our Cub Scout pack leaders voluntold* me I’m in charge of a skit for our yearly banquet. The theme is Cowboys/Wild West.

*Voluntold: past tense of voluntell, verb. “To inform someone they will volunteer.” 

Last year (a space theme), I re-wrote the lyrics to The Bare Necessities (The Space Necessities) and apparently they liked it. A lot.

Sorry, we didn’t make a video of The Space Necessities.

So. Cowboy.

First song that came to mind? The one in all the movies….”I wanna be a COW-boy, Bayyyy-bee!” sung by the infamous Kid Rock. Catchy tune. The only lyrics I ever caught were

because I wanna be a
Cowboy baby
With the top let back and the sunshine shining
Cowboy baby

and I thought that could be cool.

Then I went here and read the lyrics. ALL of them.  I don’t recommend this.

“Cowboy” is not, shall we say…Cub Scout friendly.

Needing a new idea, I ran through a bunch of old-time cowboy songs and found Git Along, Little Dogies, sung here by consummate cowboy Roy Rogers.

“Dogie” is what the cowboys called calves, per Urban Dictionary.

Here’s the skit:

Four Cub Scouts stand, taping pieces of brown paper (shaped like puppy ears) to their hats. 

Cub 1 to Cub 2: “Nice hat.”

Cub 2 to Cub 3: “I like your neckerchief.”

Cub 3 to Cub 4: “Cool shoes.”

Cub 4 to Cub 1: “It’s great to see you.”

Cub Leader, walking in: “Hey, guys. I thought I asked you to come up with a skit based on a cowboy song!”

All Cubs: “We did! We chose, ‘Get Along, Little Doggies!'”


Yes, I know.

But they’re eight years old. They think it’s very funny.

And if any boys look up the lyrics to “Get Along Little Doggies,” there is ZERO chance I will field angry calls from parents.

I call it a win.


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