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There once was a girl from Nantucket

Who spent half her life in a bucket

When people jeered “why?”

She winked her brown eye

And said,

I just realized that almost any other rhyming word I use here will be impolite.



Don’t Listen to the Voices

So…we watched wasted a couple hours on The Voices, a Ryan Reynolds comedy about a mentally disturbed individual who “hears” voices. His cat incites him to violence as his massive dog encourages him to be a good person. (I always knew cats are evil…)

He accidentally kills a girl he wants to date, and then pieces her out to avoid discovery, storing most of her in plastic containers and putting her head in the fridge.

She (or rather, her head) then begs him for a “friend” because it gets really lonely in the fridge. Long story short, she ends up with two additional “friends.” I won’t give away the end in case you want to watch, but…it’s a total waste of time.

As the credits rolled, Hubby looked over at me.

“If our girl asks for a bunch of Tupperware for Christmas this year, well…you’re in real trouble.”


Humor, my friends, is how we survive. Don’t give up. No matter how hard things get, you can always find something to laugh about.

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