Meet & Greet…Hypervigilant Style


“Ooooooh, you were right. I DO like her!”                                                                                “Dude. I said you could MEET her. Hands off.”

Photo by Peter Nijenhuis

**We’re up to $35; see below!

We’ve all seen (and occasionally participated in) a Meet & Greet post. You know, “drop your link in the comments and maybe someone will click.”

Instead of posting a hit-or-miss link, let’s change it up. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: 

1. Describe your blog in nine words or less.

2. Paste a link to a post you’re proud of writing. Bonus points for adoption, mental health or parenting themes*, but it can be anything.

*With your link, please note the post theme, e.g., “Adoption,” “Mental Health,” “Parenting,” “My Happy Place,” “Honey Badgers are Misunderstood,” etc.

3. Reblog this to increase the number of participants. For every comment below, I’ll donate a dollar* to Compassion International, a fabulous organization committed to child development and rescuing kids from poverty.

*If the comment number rises beyond my ability to personally donate, I commit to raising the money. 

4. Click at least two links and read the posts.

Have fun!  And ignore the lemur. Feel free to hug.


About Casey

Adoption = my life. I'm determined to give my kids the chance they deserve. Adoption isn't always easy. I promise, you're not alone in this. Join me at - we're in this together.

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    Freaking brilliant idea! Meet and greet like-minded bloggers in the wide world of WordPress!

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  2. Brilliant idea!

    Writing crazy stories about my family to make you LOL!!

    Lately, I have been pretty darn proud of The Stealing Drawer getting republished on Sammiches & Psych Meds. Here is the original post –> (theme, humor parenting)

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  3. Oh I’m excited to check out some new blogs! Here’s something I wrote about Adoption, Hope, and Christmas.

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    HI! This is a great idea! This post deals with our experience in dealing with anorexia with our precious teen. Please feel to ask any questions or just to share your thoughts. I want to be as much help as I can to others who may have or may be dealing with this scary journey. You are NOT alone, I care!
    My blog is about anything and everything. You will laugh and cry and that is more than 9 words, oops 🙂

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    • Thanks so much for adding your story!!! You’re on my list of “blogs to read when my head stops spinning”…ha! I’m trying to catch up on answering comments this week…but for now, I’m heading toward bed!! 🙂 HUGS!

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  5. Hello and Merry Christmas everyone! I am an author, wife, Mom, bon vivant. I write novels about family life- all the love and laughter of everyday life. My goal is to entertain and encourage you. In our extended family we have adopted kids, blended families, and I know many people who have pregnancy loss. Here is a link to a post I wrote for thanksgiving. Look forward to visiting your sites.

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  6. Foster/Adopt family journey! Surviving a Drug exposed infant.

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  7. I blog about mental health issues and wellness. Here’s an introductory post about childhood trauma.

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  8. My blog; A warm, cosy, welcoming Cove where anything goes!😉 – about severe depression

    Thanks for the Meet & Greet event!

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  10. Hello all. My blog is all about living your best life, enjoying family & having fun…
    come join us 🙂

    Thanks, Casey 🙂

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  11. This is such a noble cause and a great meet-and-greet albeit 3 days too late! Definitely will be re-blogging.
    My blog covers my life as an expat and a part-time SAHM – rying to make sense of this parenting thing to raise 3rd Culture kids. Here’s one of my posts:

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  12. Hi Casey
    Mother left me at local County Hospital in order to take my brother trip or treating.
    Great idea, keep us posted on how this twist and turns. :)M

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  13. Casey, I reblogged over, let’s get as many as possible to join. I have decided which post, be back later.

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  14. Reblogged this on Survivors Blog Here and commented:
    Join in…if you you dare.
    🙂 M

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    Meet Blogs New to You!

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  16. Blog about Army Wife life, crafting, Usborne books, work
    Here is a post I wrote last week, a few days before my husband came home from deployment:

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  17. Reblogged this on Mirror and commented:
    Meet&Greet!For every comment they will donate $1 to Compassion International. Check it out! 🙂

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  18. I love this idea. I write about life stories and motherhood while I stay at home raising my two daughters.

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    This one is about the innocence of toddlerhood and the joy it brings older folks.

    My blog is a mash-up of reading/writing/kids/the arts.

    Good for you for being involved in adoption. It’s a beautiful thing.

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  20. Reblogged this on All In A Dad's Work and commented:
    A Hypervigilant meet-n-greet! Link up and she’ll pay up!

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  21. Thanks for the meet-n-greet!
    Goofball dad trying not to raise a-hole kids…

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  22. survivingbutterfly

    Greetings! I’m so excited to participate in something that’s giving back!
    My blog is about motherhood, parenthood, and homemakers.😊

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  23. survivingbutterfly

    Reblogged this on Homemakers United.

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  24. The recorder did not self destruct…received instructions and take the assignment. Great post and challenge, always remember to step out of our comfort zone.
    Have to find a post that moves me,I’ll be back!

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  25. Love this!

    Quirky, Zany and anything goes humor.

    10 Reasons NOT To Kill Your Home Phone | Once Upon Your Prime

    Theme: Landline Humor

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  26. Reblogged this on A Momma's View and commented:
    A great meet & greet! Head over and share your link and connect!

    Note: Please comment on original post. Comments here disabled.

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  27. What a fantastic kind of blogger meet & greet! I’m Momma and I blog about homeschooling, being an expat and my general views of being a mother and life. I’d like to share this link here:

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    🙂 Join in!


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