Wanted: My story of adoption

This is beautiful. You should read it.

Sapphire Life Writer


When I introduced my sister to a friend, my friend laughed and said, ‘No.’

My sister nodded, and my friend looked from me to my sister to me again. Her eyes narrowed as a half-smile pulled the left side of her lips up at the corner. She looked at us as if we were playing a prank on her.

‘Yes, we’re sisters,’ I said, trying to help her out.

It reminded me that my sister and I don’t look alike. We forget because we don’t see a different race when we look at each other; we see family.

Since I look different, not only to the rest of my family but to most of the people in my neighbourhood, school, country, I’ve always known I was adopted. My parents were always open about it: I was born on September 8, 1985, in South Korea. My mum and sister flew over…

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Adoption = my life. I'll give it to you straight. Success, failure, truth.

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