Your Turn. Don’t be shy!


Photo Credit: Michael Brace


At dinner with an elderly friend, I asked, “What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?” 

“Well,” she said, “my mother used to tell my brother, 

Want a good life? Keep your mouth shut and your pants zipped. 

and that’s probably the best advice I’ve ever heard from anyone.” 


I’m working hard on a writing project along with Lynn Love (check out her blog; it’s super) and some other fabulous writers through NaNoWriMo’s April “Camp.” I’d like to open this blog space to YOU today.

We have a bunch of new readers here, and all of you (long-time readers and new) have such great experience.

Please share below one of the following:

  • The best advice you’ve ever received.
  • The biggest thing you’ve learned on your own.
  • If you could have a do-over, what would happen?

And hey, if you want to share a link to your blog, please do.


P.S. Here’s the best advice I’ve heard in a while (look twice if you don’t see it right away):


A sign in the Insect Village at Seattle’s Pacific Science Center. Photo Credit: sea turtle



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  1. I love your elderly frined’s advice! I’ve met so many people who need to take this – open mouth and pants = trouble all the way 🙂
    Donna’s advice is very good – I wish I’d learnt that earlier in life.
    I gave myself a good piece of advice when I was a teenager. When faced with anything stressful – an exam, a speech, any experience that made me feel self conscious – I told myself ‘no one will care about this in 100 years time.’ Not that I didn’t try my best, it was just a way to tell myself – ‘this really isn’t as big a deal as you’re blowing it up in your head.’ Have given that advice to my son too – I hope he remembers it 🙂

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    • Ha ha! YES!!! That’s super advice. I said something similar to hubby the other day (“I should stop worrying; no one else will care about this if I’m dead,”) but I like yours better. A touch less morbid. 😉

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  2. “Every great thing you have; all your success, they mean nothing if you don’t have someone to share it with.” my Mother said. It’s a piece of advice which makes sense, still finding that one though Haha.

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    • Sorry, just realized I didn’t answer you. That sounds like a mom! 🙂 I think a lot of people take that to mean “you have to find ‘the one’ before you’re really living,” but I think it works just as completely when sharing with a good friend or someone in need.

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  3. I would say by the looks of that sign it is great advice. The best advice I have received lately is ” Just Breathe”. Another great one is “Stop worrying about tomorrow and enjoy what today has to offer”. My link to my blog is
    Have a great Smiley day and enjoy the Journey.

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