Where I’ve Been

This is my imagined reality: you, sitting at your screen, waiting with impatience for my next post and thinking, “Whyyyyyyyyyyy did Casey stop writing? What could possibly be keeping her from us?” 

Real reality: you, sitting at your screen, thinking, “Who’s this Casey person again? When in tarnation did I follow this blog? I definitely need to adjust those auto-follow settings…”

It’s cool. I’m fine with it. Except when the person asking how to unfollow the blog is Hubby. Out loud. From the armchair five feet away. Then…it feels just a little personal. But it’s been a long month; I’m a little over-sensitive. (Just kidding. Pretty sure he’s at least fifty-three of my followers.)

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. NOTHING is finished. I tried using the blog as my carrot. “I can write when I finish…”


Photo Credit: Clay Junell

And yes, if I’m reaching for the carrot, I know what that makes me.

Exhausted and desperate for motivation. That’s what it makes me.

Why—what were you thinking? HEY!

Anyway, life has been nuts. WordCamp US 2015 was fabulous. I still have pending (read: I need to sit down and write them) posts about what I learned. If you’re able to attend next year, I highly recommend the experience.

I’m still working through the pictures from WordCamp because as soon as I came home, Hubby and I began demolishing our kitchen (also a planned post…more later).

I keep telling myself that I can write a post once I get through a certain number of pictures. I can edit pictures when enough work is complete in the kitchen. And the day-to-day tasks don’t go away. Laundry, school, shopping, packing for family gatherings.

The above paragraph sounds like a list of complaints. Not the case, I assure you. I’m ridiculously happy when busy.

However, I realized today that I’m getting a bit twitchy. My carrot is just a little too far out of reach. I need  to write almost as much as I need to sleep. (In fact, I’d much rather write.)

The kids have been good today—exceptional, even—and I still found myself wanting to withdraw from everyone to a dark, quiet space this evening, to write. Craving a keyboard.

Instead, I forced myself to participate in “building night.” Hubby and the boy assembled a K’nex roller coaster on the table while the girl and I sprawled on the floor nearby and snapped together an elfin Lego kit.

Three minutes in, I felt better. Spending time with the kids one-on-one (and together) has been on my subconscious “list of things that are making me antsy because they aren’t getting done.”

It’s so easy to put off the things we want to do because of everything demanding our time, and in many cases what we have to do must come first. Sometimes, though, doing something you want to do can give you the boost necessary to get through harder work.

Time with the kids, now blogging with you.

I feel the “we will never finish any of this and our house will always be a wreck and the laundry pile will never deplete and the list will only grow and…” panic dissipating already.

I am so ready for tomorrow.







About Casey

Adoption = my life. I'm determined to give my kids the chance they deserve. Adoption isn't always easy. I promise, you're not alone in this. Join me at - we're in this together.

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  1. Hi Casey
    Somehow I believe you like the crazy life. That care wear on you in time. Remember to take time for yourself to recharge. You have earned all the pampering possible.
    Happy 2016!
    Hope to see you on Survivors site soon, we miss you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds like a lovely way to spend some time – man have you been busy!
    Hope you had a great Christmas and have a brilliant New Year 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Welcome back up for a breath of air. The good news is that your husband used actual words to ask how in unfollow you. He could have just texted his question.

    Life is good, wish you and your family all the best in 2016.


  4. Hello, Casey! Have missed you BIG TIME. I am one of those going, “Whyyyyyyyyyyy did Casey stop writing? What could possibly be keeping her from us?”

    Meanwhile on MY home front I have not blogged a word since OCTOBER! Sigh. I tried (and failed) nanowrimo (WHAT was I thinking? Our school year ends mid-December!). I got a good start on a wonderful story and am now frantic to be writing. But there is SO much happening on so many levels. I don’t even get to read the blogs I follow.

    New Year’s resolution: set aside time for writing EVERY day. I can dream! 🙂

    But I do miss your voice, and am glad to see you back here! Lots of love!

    Liked by 1 person

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