This Weekend’s All About YOU!

I need your Blog.

Or someone else’s. I’m not picky.

Hubby (aka “Mr. Incredible”) has once again promised me a couple solid days of reading and writing. (I think he saw my eye start to tic.) So, I’m off to my happy place and I’m looking for great blog recommendations.

It could be anything (seriously, I’ll read ANYthing…well, except vampire sex scenes or 50 Shades fan fiction…heave…), but especially if you’ve come across a really funny (or hey, not funny) adoption or special needs post in your recent jaunts through blogland, I’d love to check it out.

Please also feel free to promote your blog here. Tell us why you’re AWESOME. Blogging is all about connecting, right? Maybe someone will think, “wow, my new BBF*!” as they read your comment.

*Blog Buddy Forever

Your turn. Annnnnnnnnd…GO.

About Casey

Adoption = my life. I'm determined to give my kids the chance they deserve. Adoption isn't always easy. I promise, you're not alone in this. Join me at - we're in this together.

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  1. What a cool idea to “invite” guest bloggers……


  2. Just found your blog and am starting to dig in. So far I’m enjoying it!

    Come follow our adoption journey at 🙂

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  3. You’ve visited my blog (which is how I got to yours!) but putting the link here for anyone else. Since it’s a new blog, I’m still in the “explain what RAD is and what it is like” phase of the postings. Here’s the link to “Trauma Mama Drama”:

    My favorite post thus far is my latest which explains what it feels like to parent a child with trauma issues (and I use the video for “Elastic Heart” to illustrate how it feels):


  4. Hi, Casey, what a truly lovely hubby you have – I do hope you enjoy your time off, sit back, relax and sip a few large ones (Beer? Tequila slammers?)

    Too many blogs to recommend but –

    have you found Cease, Cows? Some truly good fiction here – not read a duff one yet.

    Bali info blog’s a good one – Bali’s culture is just so interesting, beautiful, spiritual – and a little scary at times.

    Sonya at Only 100 Words writes some great flash fiction

    Waltbox is a bit of class – a real wit (please don’t be put off by the picture on the last post!)

    Sorry if I’ve recommended these people before, I just keep going back to them, time and again.

    And go on, if you’re twisting my arm, you could visit me at Word Shamble, where I will witter aimlessly about books and writing, attempting be humourous along the way and sharing WAY TOO MUCH of my personal life.
    I mean, does anyone really want to know that as a child, I thought a monster lived down our toilet?

    Have a happy, peaceful and productive weekend x


    • Oh my gosh those were awesome. Your post about divination was HIL-AIR-EE-UHS. I love the bit-o-Latin. Did you take it in school? So, the part about boiling the head of an ass…who determines whether the person is such? Does that responsibility fall to the boil-er, or is there a boiling committee, or does someone need to nominate an individual? Seems to me there could be some legal ramifications as well…what if the boil-ee has no interest in participating, and calls police? I see too many potential problems with this, although it does seem to be a legitimate, useful way to finally pull something positive out of an ass. OH WAIT, YOU MEAN DONKEY.

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      • Ha! Ha! Ooh, yes, I can think of some candidates… Fortunately, most are politicians – not neighbours or family – so I’m sure I’d be able to rally some support 🙂 Put their heads to good use for a change! And no, no Latin for me – my school was Roman Catholic, though, so maybe I soaked up a bit of the Latinesque vibe over my five years there 🙂 Thank you for reading – you’re very kind

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  5. Are you reading Scary Mommy yet? There is a variety of great post form a variety of bloggers about motherhood, journey to motherhood, adoption, not being a mom and so on.


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