Cute Lil Girl

I’m not allowed to post until I read other blogs first (my rule, not WordPress) and I haven’t had much time to read, sooo…missed about a week here.  Breaking my rule for a quickie, though:

Took the girl for initial Neuropsych Evaluation office visit (similar to a psych/IQ test they give at school to determine the need for an IEP–Individualized Education Plan, but more in-depth). The good doctor is trying to retire. I’m sure, to his…experienced…eye, I seem very young. It probably didn’t help that I mentioned my undergrad in counseling and the fact that I did not pursue further education in the field because I realized I wasn’t cut out for it.

“Not cut out for it”…not because I couldn’t hack the academics, but because of my propensity for taking others’ troubles as my own and becoming discouraged when I couldn’t fix their problems for them. Since the visit wasn’t about me, I didn’t explain this, but maybe should have.

After we finished the session with the girl, I asked if he could recommend any books or articles. He said,  “Well, the things I read are mostly technical papers. They’d probably be too much for you.”

Right. Because I’m just a cute little girl.


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  1. The last cute lil girl I knew could kick my ass five ways to Sunday. Metaphorically and literally.

    Perhaps Herr Doktor needs a demonstration on what cute lil girls are really capable of.

    Hope things turn out well for you and yours. 🙂

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  2. I take this as a reminder 🙂
    May I know what kind of book or article the patients need?

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  3. Well you are a girl and you are cute. He just didn’t see past that to your smarts.

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  4. Like your writing; don’t necessarily like this (grrrr) doctor’s response. I hope that he is at least helping in terms of your daughter. All the best!

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    • I was tempted to say, “I’ve studied Greek and Latin. I think I can read English.” Ahhh, hubris, my nemesis. For once, I kept my mouth shut. 🙂 After all, it’s not about me, or what he thinks of me. His assistant will do the testing (in July…they are quite booked) so hopefully won’t have to deal much with him.

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      • Oh, but what a sharp reply. Kudos to you for holding your tongue. Takes a lot of discipline that! Wow — July! I suppose nothing happens overnight. In the meanwhile I’m praying for you and your blessed little family!

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  5. OH MY, the Dr. doesn’t realize who he is talking to!! 🙂 I pray that they can have the results soon and know best how to help your little girl! I should add, cute 🙂 little girl 🙂 Glad you posted! Been missing your posts, so get busy reading! LOL!

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  6. Hello my friend
    I’m glad to hear testing is moving forward for your son. Now it’s time to put the doctor in his place. I’ve been sick or taking care of someone sick for over ten years. I’ve felt with Bipolar Disorder for over 30 years. I read everything I could and in the begging most didn’t make sense. It doesn’t take long to catch on to the language, then understand majority of paper. One way to drive home the point you are not some little helpless girl is take it on. The next time you talk with him have a question that shows you’ve been educating self. I can help you drill down to doctors presentations, papers, letters to FDA. You may already know, if not I would be thrilled to help you. I make sure all of my doctors know I research everything.
    Email me if you want to talk or would like some tips.
    I think this is where doctors learn who keeps on there toes and so will they. I challenge my doctors all the time. It doesn’t mean I’m right but at least I’m on top of the topic.
    Take care of yourself.

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    • Thanks so much! As we get more information, I’ll take you up on that offer! Right now, since we don’t know what the issues stem from, I’m going to wait on to much research…but yes, I’m the same way. 🙂 Thanks, as always!


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