Adoption = Brain Scan, No Cats Part 3

We’re at the hospital for our girl’s MRI today.  Hopefully we’ll get some answers about her fluctuating cognitive performance and her tremors.

Prayers appreciated…they decided to sedate her, and that’s a little nerve-wracking. Too bad they don’t provide Mama Sedation…

(Perhaps I’ll do a little self sedation later, as long as I can keep Lush Puppy away from the cup…)

Part 1 here


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Adoption = my life. I'm determined to give my kids the chance they deserve. Adoption isn't always easy. I promise, you're not alone in this. Join me at - we're in this together.

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  1. Praying and waiting to hear how it goes. 🙂

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    • I have a post scheduled for tomorrow morning (blogger friend said that morning posts are better for visibility, so I’m testing his theory). 🙂

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    • But in case you’re at work: all good. 🙂

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      • We are going through a seriously frustrating time here. Our internet was out for nearly a week (problems with the cable running down the hill from our little town) and now that the internet is on (we hope for good) we are having electricity rationing (called “load shedding” — don’t ask me what THAT means!). We are already rationing water. So, we have running water daily from 4-8 (AM and PM) and the power goes out for 2 ½ hour stretches throughout the day (and night). I can get limited internet on my cellphone (but I have a cap of 500 MB for the month).

        All that just to say that while I have been writing, I find it difficult to post. And sometimes I miss your posts. 😛 But that doesn’t mean I am not thinking of you and praying for you and your family. 🙂 (And now I have to go finish my school work before the power goes off again in 50 minutes.)

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        • Well, I’m honored that you’re taking ANY of your rationed time to read here! 🙂 That’s crazy about the electricity and water. Do you have a well, or city-run water? I’m guessing that the electricity runs the water pump (we have a well, so if the electricity is out, so is the water). If you have a well, I’ll send you a link to a cool hand-pump I saw for emergencies. Praying for your frustration level (and everyone else’s) to stay low. Thanks for the reminder that I take too much for granted. Hubby and I were just discussing some friends who have gone on a mission trip (and on the way visited some pretty lush places). I want to send them to Peru (where we’ve been) or Africa (someday we will go) to see what life is really like in other countries. Not that they weren’t helping, but…you know.

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          • Thanks, Casey! Your posts are awesome! Water is rationed because our dam is at 12% and we’ve had little rain in our usual summer rain season. Scary to think of what will happen in our dry winter which is fast approaching. No power because the electric company can’t keep up with the demand. (And the water also goes off with the electricity!) Fun times. 😝 God is good. People are weird. But God is good!

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            • That last line sounds like a great blog post! 🙂 I’ll be praying for things to get better. I have a friend going through a hard time so I’ll tell her about your situation…everyone has some trouble, and none of it lasts forever…

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  2. hope everything went off well

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  3. Prayers! Yes it can be hard on a Mama! Hope you could have some “sedation” 🙂

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  4. Praying . Remember the mustard seed and the mountain. ..If you have faith of a mustard seed you can say to this mountain move and it will move….

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