Adoption = EEG Update

Yesterday, the girl and I went to her EEG.

Some of you asked about the reasons for testing. She has fluctuating difficulty in comprehension and ability (both at school and at home). We’re fairly certain that at least some of it is by choice, for attention.

However, I’m of the “leave no stone un-turned” line of thought, so we consulted a neurologist. The doctor shares some of our concerns. We don’t want to assume she has only behavioral issues, then later in life find that there is some type of damage causing the problems. The tests will determine whether anything is not-quite-right.

They taped little electrodes to her head and wrapped it like Queen Nefertiti. Actually, more like King Tut, come to think of it.

Side note: does anyone else think that Egyptian chick looks creepily like Olivia Wilde? 

So then, the tech turned out the lights and told her, “Just close your eyes, be still and relax.”

What ensued was a very UN-relaxing 50 minutes of “But I can’t stop moving. I can’t close my eyes. I just can’t,” while the tech and I tried to bribe her. Thanks to RAD (or just plain old “I-want-to-do-the-opposite-of-what-you-say-because-then-I’m-in-control”), we may have to go back. The tech wasn’t sure how much of the data is usable.

On the way to the appointment, I told her that if she was very cooperative, I’d take her out for lunch. About 45 minutes in (I didn’t know it was almost over), I said, “Let’s do it this way. At this point, I’m not taking you out. If you want to go out to eat, you have to earn it back.” She was incredible for the last five minutes.

Dang it. Why do I always think of the solution so late in the game?

As we left, she asked if we’d go out to eat. “No,” I said, “you didn’t earn lunch out. But, you were very cooperative for the last five minutes, so you earned a snack.” I went through a fast food drive-thru and got her a dollar burger. Gotta reward progress immediately.

She pouted a little. “Lunch at a restaurant would have been more fun.”  Yep. And if you simply closed your eyes, neither I nor the EEG tech would be frustrated right now.

She has an MRI coming up in two weeks, but she’ll be sedated for that.

Right on.


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  1. Treat yourself to a Margarita like Little Learner told you to, but make sure the doggie doesn’t get it 🙂 So sorry that it was hard for her to be still. I understand the frustration, we had that problem when my daughter had to get a MRI. Glad that she will be sedated for that. You asked about my daughter’s EEG in the other post. Don’t know if you saw my reply. She was sleep deprived but they did give her a little sedation to to help. Maybe they could do that with your daughter. Good luck!! Prayers still coming!

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    • Sorry–I used to only open messages if I had time to answer them right then, and I got out of that habit recently….so I read and then forgot to go back and answer. It’s a bad habit that I will now stop. 🙂 We’re hoping we won’t have to do it over, but if we do I’ll ask about that. We’re definitely sedating for the MRI. That’s on the 14th. Thanks so much for the prayers! XO

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  2. too bad there was no sedation for an EEG’s

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  3. Well, I must say this, Casey: your life is far from boring! Thanks for sharing these stories with us. And thanks for your commitment to your kids. Speaks volumes to us about what real love looks like! (Now go treat yourself to a margarita. 🙂 )

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    • I know–sometimes I think about LBK (life before kids) and wonder…what in the WORLD did I do with all that time??? 🙂 Off to find a margarita…I’m working on following directions…ha ha.

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  4. I can imagine how difficult the is on a wiggle worm stubborn kid. I have Lyme Disease which caused neurological issues, mostly balance problem. I feel several times. The test looks at the brain waves in artificial settings, like office. My test cam back abnormal and I had to do a three day test. I pray you don’t have to do that. They came out and put about twice the lobe on head, wrap it like the Tut, you are wearing a backpack and wirelesses the information is sent to device in your house, and they use camera to watch how you sleep. It does hurt when you take the probes. The test are often given to check for epilepsy or other seizures. The test shows other info but I had seizures. I might ask the doctor how to approach test knowing she will not do as asked. I feel for you. I pray your daughters help. If you would like to see the three day look I can send photos. It might give you an idea of all the wire attached to the body.
    Have a great day.

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    • Thanks so much for the great information; it’s good to know ahead of time so I can ask better questions if they do a call back to re-do the single or order a 3 day. If they order a 3-day I’ll take you up on that offer of photos so I can show her how things will likely go. Thanks so much!

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      • Hi Casey
        I hope they can determine what is going on without more test. I can’t imagine the challenge for both of you. I’ve read some doctors do the three day in the hospital. That would be stressful on a child. You can look at post “Are those my brain waves” and see the photos and the equipment used at the house. My doctor could see my report was abnormal right away. She ordered the 3 day before I left. My cognitive ability is effected by the Lyme so I forgot a lot. If it’s been several days you may want to follow up. I had more than one RN forget to call. If nothing else you can leave a message for doctor on what she knows so far.
        I wish you the best of luck. Please let me know how I can help. I’d be glad to.


  5. At least you thought of the solution 🙂
    (Just the other day and on a very public street, I happened to see a mother that clearly had no ability to think).
    Good to know it’s nothing life threatening.

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  6. Good luck with the testing

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