Today, I Feel…SPECIAL!

I had questions about knitting and crocheting, and CurvyLou WROTE A POST for me! She also said some incredibly nice things about my blog.

You should check it out…and not just because she linked me. This woman is genius.

Even if you don’t plan to knit or crochet, her information is super cool, as are the pictures. You will feel your brain expanding with new information. This is why we blog, people.

Click below. Now. I’m not going to tell you again.

(Sorry, I’ve been dealing with “I-told-you-to-do-that-fifteen-minutes-ago-do-it-right-now-I-mean-it” all evening. Let me rephrase.)

Please click the link below. You’re gonna love it. I promise.*

*Of course, if you don’t, you can’t sue me since I’m not selling anything. Just for the record. 


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  1. CurvyLou, Were you asking me if I had used Youtube to learn crochet? If so, my name is not Donna–it is Helen. But the answer to your question is I did not use Youtube. I learned long before anyone had ever heard of Youtube. I learned from following step-by-step instructions in an old Woman’s Day magazine and practicing, practicing, practicing. If I were to try to learn new skills today I would probably give Youtube a try.

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  2. I self-taught myself to knit and crochet. i agree with CurvyLou’s recommendation that you are better off starting with cross stitch. If you do make a mistake (which is likely with distractions of children) it is much easier to fix the errors than it is with knitting. I hope you take on and enjoy a new hobby.

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    • Quick question…you mean crochet? (I’ve tried cross stitch…it’s not really my thing, although my grandmother was phenomenal. I have Lupus, which affects my joints–sort of like RA–so I have a hard time with tiny little motions). Thanks for the encouragement! I get a day off next week, and I plan to take some yarn and needles! 🙂

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      • You are correct. I did mean crochet. (Cross stitch is my current favorite so I mis-spoke). Especially since you have lupus I think crochet would be better.

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      • I so totally support this! I think crochet would add something lovely to your new “me-time” expansion. There are so many fun and easy crochet projects. Do you know You have to sign up, but it’s free and they don’t spam you AT ALL. It’s a ginormous pattern database and you can search for crochet patterns with difficulty ratings from 1-10, using from 0 to, like, 3000 yards of yarn, and all kinds of other project specs. It’s a rabbit hole for sure.

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    • Donna, that’s so cool that you taught yourself to knit and crochet. It takes determination to do that. Did you use Youtube? I’d need to ratchet up my crochet work and learn some more advanced skills.

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  3. You didn’t just post this. I’m totally bowled over. (:

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