Adoption = Devil’s Playground

So, tonight our in-home counselor suggested that in addition to ADHD, possibly our girl is a little OCD.

I said, “Maybe so. Or maybe she’s P-O-S-S-E-S-S-E-D.”

I was joking.

The counselor nodded seriously. “You might be right.”

“What?” I choked.

“Oh, I think you’re totally on the right track. She definitely is.”

“Are you kidding?” I asked.

She narrowed her eyes at me. “What, you don’t agree?”

“Um, I was sort of kidding.”

“I’m not. She’s totally pissed off,” she said. “You don’t think so?”

Ah. Right.

I laughed. “No, you’re totally correct, but that’s not what I spelled.”

Glad we cleared that up.

Image from RVANews


About Casey

Adoption = my life. I'm determined to give my kids the chance they deserve. Adoption isn't always easy. I promise, you're not alone in this. Join me at - we're in this together.

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  1. I was relieved reading the end of this story, haha… Good that you both cleared it up.

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  2. OH MY! LOL!! I can just imagine your face as the counselor was agreeing with you!

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  3. Do you know what they call the person who graduates last from Medical School?


    What about the person that finished last in the Psychology Department from Arkansas State in 1991?

    Pilot. That is me by the way. Yes I love spell check and no one in their right mind would ever trust me to be a counselor. Be glad that I knew my limitations or I would have been calling a Priest and a film crew for the execution. (see what I mean?)


  4. Well… there is a slight difference between possessed and pissed off 😉 Just only a slight…

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  5. funny how easily a misunderstanding can happen ..glad you cleared it up

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