Guess I’ll plan better next year…

So, I made it to 36,279. Not quite 50,000…but I somehow forgot to account for things like the kids getting croup, having a wolf chew on my shoulder and oh, right, Thanksgiving. I probably could have finished by sequestering myself through the last five days, but I only get to see my siblings and niece a couple times a year, so put the computer away in favor of family time.

Hubby announced this morning that today could be “Casey’s Day to be Depressed About Not Finishing NaNoWriMo” but tomorrow I have to get off my butt and keep writing.

Please excuse me; I have only two more hours to wallow in self-pity.

(Actually, I’ll be eating ice cream. Wallowing gets really boring after the first three minutes…)


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  1. OH Casey you make me smile!!! Yes, being allergic to ice cream would definitely be a tragedy! I am so sorry about you having Lupus, but love how you appear to be handling it! You go girl! Keep Lupita in line! Hugs and prayers!


  2. Thanks, everybody! You’re right…I’m still a little bummed at not finishing, but on the other hand I have a really good start (and 36k that I didn’t have before November). Definitely going to finish; I plan to take December to re-organize what I’ve already written, cut out the parts that don’t make sense, etc., and then pretend January is NaNoWriMo2!

    So, about the wolf comment. 🙂 I have Lupus (Latin for “wolf”). A chronic disease is a little scary sometimes, so I’ve decided there’s an imaginary pet wolf with me…her name is Lupita, and she is generally a good pup, but sometimes she likes to gnaw on my joints. This month, she attacked my shoulder and the cartilage between my ribs. It made typing difficult sometimes…but hey, it could be waaaay worse!! I could be allergic to ice cream…(now THAT would be a tragedy…)


  3. Congrats on 36,000 words!! That is awesome and don’t quit! Continue on your story! I want to read it, but in the meantime go ahead and indulge in that icecream! 🙂 I too, would like to hear about the wolf biting your shoulder!?/ 🙂

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  4. Wow! I think you did great after all. I would not say, ‘better luck next time’ because it is not just nanowrimo but your determination to go for your dream and having the wisdom to step back when it was needed. If finishing a novel is what you want to do, you can do it next month or the one after that.

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  5. I reached 35,000, and was left with the prospect of writing 5,000 per day for the last few days. I decided against it as I was beginning to churn out nonsense just in order to meet word count targets which is silly, and not the reason I took up the challenge. The reason I took it up at first was to get a head start on the novel, and to use the deadline as motivation, so 35,000 in a month is more than I expected.

    Don’t worry, there is no winning and losing (unless you give up on the novel altogether) because the numbers and dates are just arbitrary.

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  6. On the other hand, you wrote 36,000 words! Would you have believed you could do that in a month if you were told about this a year or so ago? Congratulations, Casey. Keep your chin up and join again next year!

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  7. Finish it anyway!!! 36’000 words are a lot!

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  8. I am proud of you! 36 279 is 36 279 more than a lot of people (including me) wrote! 🙂 You took on the challenge and ran with it. (I trembled and hid.) You have an amazing chunk of a story written and there is nothing to stop you in the future from completing it! (I am so intrigued and want to read it!) Plus, you chose real-life family relationships over relationships with fictitious characters who flow from keystrokes. That in itself makes you a winner!

    So eat all the ice cream you want in celebration of your amazing feat! (And then tell us how a wolf came to chew on your shoulder!)


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